our drive is to make an impact
The Pact Hub stands for collaboration between entrepreneurs, developers and consultants, uniting to tackle thrilling challenges.

✪ our start-ups ✪


Proding pact ✪

Proding is a production & event company, that connects artists, brands and event hosts to create a unique service proposition.

Deciding pact ✪

Deciding Pact develops innovative decision-support tools to help people to make trade-offs

✪ about us ✪

The Pact Hub is a start-up hub located in the dynamic Brussels, the heart of Europe,. The team is composed by entrepreneurs, developers and engineers who have gathered international experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East within companies at any stage (from seed stage start-ups to large multinationals, in more than 20 different industries) and leading consulting groups. All team members are passionate about
innovation and like to collaborate, share, brainstorm, to make a big impact and, most of all, to have fun!

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